Terms of Use

Smart Social builds technologies and services that enable people to connect with each other, build communities and grow businesses. These Terms govern your use of Smart Social and the other products, features, apps, services, technologies and software that we offer (the Smart Social Products or Products), except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply. These Products are provided to you by Smart Social.

We don't charge you to use Smart Social or the other products and services covered by these Terms. Instead, businesses and organisations pay us to show you ads for their products and services. By using our Products, you agree that we can show you ads that we think will be relevant to you and your interests. We use your personal data to help determine which ads to show you.

Our Data Policy explains how we collect and use your personal data to determine some of the ads that you see and provide all of the other services described below. You can also go to your settings at any time to review the privacy choices you have about how we use your data.